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The Coterie Diaries

Great minds don't think alike, but that's the beauty of it

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Coterie (n): A small, often select group of persons who associate with one another frequently.

coterie_diaries is an informal gathering place for artists, writers, musicians, actors, directors...in other words, an assortment of creative people. Think of it as an online penny university or salon. Though geared towards those in the creative fields, you do not need to consider yourself an "artist" to join. An appreciation or interest in art is all you need.

Another aspect of the community is its serving as a trading post of sorts. Those who specialize in found art or who use found objects in their work can put out a call for materials. Likewise, those who have things they would like to donate to artists can list the materials they have to give or trade.

Community Rules Are As Follows:

- All material posted by members of The Coterie is property of the poster. If you wish to use/repost this material, please obtain permission from the appropriate member first.

- Long or graphic intense posts should be placed behind an lj-cut.

- Feel free to comment/discuss works and to ask the artists/writers questions. Community members will try their best to answer questions directed to them, but please be patient- we all have lives outside this community, and sometimes those lives can get extremely hectic.

- To learn more about a particular artist or writer, or to commission a work by them, please contact that person with a comment or via e-mail.

- Last, and most importantly, we ask our members to use common courtesy.

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