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Calling all artists and writers! It's a New Year's Cleaning!

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!

Those who know me know that I'm a writer, and consequently a reader as well. I am in the process of simplifying, cleaning up, rearranging, and otherwise getting my space (and my life) in order. I have a LOT of magazines, papers, and other things that I need to get rid of, but I would like to see if any of you fine artists out there can use any of it before I go tossing it all away.

I have a range of magazines, everything from our local weekly alternatives (newsprint) all the way up to glossy magazines. (If you want to know what issues, just ask). I think I also have a big collection of old Writer's Digest magazines laying around, so if any of you are writers, aspiring or professional, let me know.

I may have to ask that you help out by paying for shipping, but I'll use the media mail option, which should make things pretty cheap. I also have some postcards, as well as the front "covers" of some Christmas cards. All of it is yours for the taking, if you need any of it for art or paper craft.

Leave a comment if you're interested, and do it fast - whatever isn't snapped up gets tossed by Friday!
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