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Another poem

Go to kiji_kat to see the very strange back story behind this one. For reasons I don't yet understand, it had to be written. I know it's probably an affront to all Good and Decent Poetry, but it's my affront, god dammit. Deal with it.

So many things I want to say
Right now, before I fade away.
Before I make my transformation
It's time to fly again, my dear

Poetry raining from the rooftops,
Falling like feathers, flying like birds
Perched above, there in the window
I spread the gospel of my inner revolution
And the words become sacred things
Wake, my lovelies, wake
Wake and find the dawn inside your dark cocoon

When the world has come to this
We have little else to save us,
Save our inner revolutions.
And the way they bloom within without
And reach and nudge and grab and pull,
And spread to the others with joyful abandon.

Perched above, there in the window
Take the next step on faith, my love.
There is something there to catch you
You just can't see it now.
Trust me, love, and take the step.
Take the step and find yourself
Perched above, here in the window.

Begin your!
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