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Random act of creativity on the horizon- please advise

jou's little HP fanart (One word? Two? -Editor) has rekindlied an idea that I've had kicking around for a while. It has the potential to be fun, and it'll give me an excuse to read the Harry Potter series again, but it also has the potential to turn out very, very badly.

Brace yourself, kids- I'm thinking about trying my hand at fanfiction (AAGH! -E).

You can blame the idea on my friend. He was with me the night that I was cleaning out my room and found a hat that I'd bought in Prague during high school. It's a long, dark green velvet hat with black accents and a tassle on the tip. It's floppy, almost like the long ski caps that you see in comics. Anyway, I was goofing around, and I put the hat on while wearing my glasses, and my friend said the infamous words:

"Oh my god, you look like a student teacher at Hogwarts. Wait...oh god, and those are Slytherin colors!"

So now, thanks to him, I have the burning desire to get yet another journal and use it to chronicle the adventures of a student teacher/TA at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (Of course, now that I've posted this here, people who surf on in here will steal the idea, and they'll probably do a better job of it, too.) She'd most likely be an American, mostly because I don't know enough about England and/or Britian to write her as coming from there, but that's the only big, major oddity. It'll be fun to write about the events of the HP universe from a different perspective...

...unless, of course, you all see this and big red flags start going up, in which case I give you permission to tackle me and bind my hands in order to stop me from committing a Horrible Crime Against Fiction. We all know that my sense of good judgement is not so good, ("I wansumore plum wine. Can I pleeease have summore? Isso good..." *flop* "I'm sleepy...") so that's why I'm coming to you all. Suggestions?
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