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Two Cents

May I make a few suggestions?

First of all: It occurred to me that not everyone in the world knows how to properly post images. We should perhaps make a tutorial, or at least put up a link in our userinfo to the tutorials in the LJ FAQ.
While I'm at it, I might as well suggest a link to howto as well. This is where you can go, (paid account or no paid account) and learn all about what you can do to customize your LJ. (good times for all!)

Secondly: No guidelines have been specified as to what kind of things members are allowed to post. I reccomend that we add a list of rules to the userinfo, so no one gets confused. Perhaps we should outlaw any spam, or hate-mongering... require that long written posts, and large images be put behind LJ-cuts... and also request that any posts with explicit or possibly offensive content be put behind LJ-cuts as well.

Lastly: To tell the truth, all this official hoo-hah might not be a big deal, if we don't garner much readership or membership. kiji_kat, please feel free to make any changes that you like... but at this point, I'm not too worried about it.
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